About Givero

Our goal

We make it possible for people like you to support good causes by doing everyday tasks, like searching online - without it costing you anything.

Our services are easy to use and remove the barrier of paying a direct donation to a good cause. You support charities simply by using our free services.

"We made it our business to make it easy to support good causes - at no cost to you."

Who is behind the project?

Givero is a privately owned company located in Holbaek, Denmark. It was founded in October 2018.

In Denmark, company details are public information and you can access official information about Givero here.

Givero's owner, Brian Rasmusson, has a long history in IT as a developer of products and services ranging from access control and billing solutions for mobile operators to successful Windows software and information portals.

Who is on the team?

Right now we have two people working full time from the Danish office, Brian Schildt Laursen (aka B2) and Brian Rasmusson (aka B1). We take care of the day-to-day operations. Laursen's primary focus is communication, PR and partnerships, and Rasmusson's primary focus is on the technical and business side of things.

We work with a range of wonderful freelancers located around the world, who handle everything from copywriting and proofreading to development. If you think we need you too, please get in touch.

Why do you donate to good causes?

Our founder, Brian Rasmusson, has donated to various good causes over the years and has also specifically invested in some good causes, e.g. a cancer treatment startup because he felt it was the right thing to do. His investments will contribute to important research, whether those particular companies succeed or not.

After having worked on another search engine for the last three years, an idea started to mature:

"Why not create a search engine that has a more philanthropic approach - one that will support good causes. A search engine that will direct money towards the common good. A search engine that will take a little bit of the money heading towards the mega-rich owners of Google and put it to work where it really matters. A search engine that will give the users the wonderful feeling of doing something good - all without them having to reach for their wallet."

This became Givero.

Can we make a difference? We absolutely believe we can - but we need you onboard. Search on Givero instead of Google. Together we can do it.

We have a saying in Danish 'mange bække små gør en stor å' - which roughly translates to 'small streams combine to become large rivers'. We need a lot of users to make this work.

Please share Givero with your friends and let's make an impact together - the more the better.